Marketing Point


Congratulations on your new installation of CMSimple.

Now it is up to you. Please feel comfortable and try to manage your new website. Just read carefully and give it a try. Succes!


From December 31. 2009 CMSimple is released under the GPL 3 licence with no link requirements. You may not remove copyright information from the files, and any modifications will fall under the copyleft conditions in the GPL 3.

If you use CMSimple under AGPL3, you must keep a convenient and prominently visible feature that displays the CMSimple Legal Notices.

If you use CMSimple under the Linkware Licence, you must place a static, visible and readable link to with the text or an image stating "Powered by CMSimple" on every generated page (place it in the template).

If you don't want to keep with these licence requirements, please delete this installation of CMSimple instantly.

Please read about File permissions and Security issues in the Installer's Manual.